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Aqueous Technologies' StencilWasher, when equipped with an adjustable misprint rack is ideal for the cleaning of misprinted circuit boards and assemblies. StencilWasher eliminates the risk of "B" to "A" side solder paste transfer by the use of the cavitation action of ultrasonic energy. Rather than pushing solder paste off of a circuit board, it is pulled off, eliminating the risks of solder spheres being redeposited in vias and under components.

StencilWasher utilizes precisely controlled sound waves to remove un-reflowed solder paste from misprinted assemblies and stencils. At 40 kHz, the ultrasonic energy is gentle enough not to damage delicate parts yet is highly effective in the removal of solder pastes. The built-in ultrasonic "sweep" generator oscillates the cleaning frequency between 37 kHz and 43 kHz, preventing damage to wire bonds and other delicate devices.

StencilWasher models are capable of removing all solder pastes (all StencilWasher models) and uncured SMT adhesives (StencilWasher LDO/ZDO). StencilWasher ZDO operates without sending any fluids to the drain. StencilWasher is capable of cleaning misprints or stencils up to 29" x 29" in size.

StencilWasher may be equipped with an adjustable misprint rack and is standard-equipped with many other standard features including:

  • Complete zero discharge operation
  • Programmable digital wash cycle timer 
  • Safe 31 watts per liter power ratio 
  • Wash solution heating system with programmable digital temperature controller 
  • Closed-loop wash solution filtration system with stainless steel housing
  • Closed-loop rinse water filtration system with stainless steel housing
  • Hand-held rinse wand
  • Hand-held airknife
  • Fully enclosed (cabinetized) 
  • Ten year limited transducer warranty

StencilWasher is designed to remove all solder-paste types in cycle times averaging less then five minutes. 

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