High-quality electronic components: Batteries, Capacitors, Circuit Protection / Discrete, Coils / Transformers, Fans, Switches, Sensor, Monochrome LCD, Display, Module,Relay, Thermal Printers ...

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High-quality machines for the electronics and semiconductor industries: Automatic Optical Inspection, Automatic Testing Equipment, Chip Shooter/Flexible Mounter, Coating Equipment...

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Company Profile

Le Champ (South East Asia) Pte Ltd has been established in 1982 in Singapore. We are in the business of supplying high-quality equipment and components for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

Our vision is driven by our philosophy of challenging ourselves to attain infiinite heights under honest and dutiful terms. Keep in step with technology through embracing innovation and creativity. Contribute back to society. To go regional and global so that our new generation will continue to survive and have the cutting edge of service in the industry characterized by rapid obsolescence, new innovation and a shrinking playing field.

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Fully Automatic Cleaning System Optimized for Solder Pallets and Fixtures

  • Class leading speed, up to 42,000 cph
  • 0201*~74mm x 74mm / 50mm x 150mm
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Aqueous Technologies' StencilWasher, when equipped with an adjustable misprint rack is ideal for the cleaning of misprinted circuit boards and assemblies.

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